Well the iron curtain may have come down a generation ago but life in Russia still has its issues with privacy/freedom. LINKEDIN was recently banned and so therefore its 4 MILLION users in the Russian Federation no longer have access to their accounts.

If you have a VPN account from us, you will not only be able to again access once again to your LinkedIn account on any device, but your access to this will be 100% completely anonymous too.

Microsoft recently paid $26BN for LinkedIn and if you divide that by 450 million users, that makes it the highest ‘value-per-user’ website out there, so certainly a clear indication of how valuable LinkedIn users really are.

A VPN account is not only a no-brainer for LinkedIn user when in Russia, but is also the perfect add on to any device for access British & American TV apps like the Beeb & Fox abroad. Our VPN runs with a rolling monthly PayPal subscription and is contract free so can be cancelled at any time.


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