Why Do I Need a VPN?


Well it really is down to the user but 1 in 6 people are now accessing the internet globally and so why do you need a VPN? Well let us tell you.

  1. Watching TV Apps Abroad
    Unblocking and watching TV applications such as BBC iPlayer & Netflix when abroad*.
  1. Internet Security
    Ensuring that no one can hack into your data packets when on a public WIFI network.
  1. Internet Anonymity
    Making sure that neither your ISP or local government authority can see what you are doing online.


A VPN is short for Virtual Private Network and is a technology that first came out in 1995 on Windows and was mainly used for office workers to log into their company server when at home. This technology changed over the years and from around 2005 up until around 2016 the main reason for using a VPN was TV applications abroad. Millions of people use a VPN to watch TV apps from the UK and USA mostly when they are abroad. BBC iPlayer, ITV hub, Netflix and many other TV apps are normally geographically blocked and so will only work in their country of origin, when using a VPN this restriction goes out of the window.

In the past few years less people have been using a VPN for TV usage as every country in the world now practically has Netflix and so people are happy enough with the content that comes from that. The main reason now for using a VPN is security. When you connect to the internet via a public Wi-Fi connection, you are leaving yourself wide open to infiltration. A hacker can be sitting behind you in Starbucks potentially sniffing out your data packets and stealing your personal information. If you are using PayPal or banking apps then this could be very troublesome. When you connect to the internet via a VPN, you connect via an almost military grade encrypted connection, so that it is almost impossible for anybody to hack into your data. This may sound paranoid but just imagine that you are in a huge hotel with hundreds of people on the same Wi-Fi network as you and cannot be seen in a line of sight. If you were say staying at caesars palace in Las Vegas, you could well have someone sitting in another hotel room with some serious hacking equipment stealing dozens of peoples information. This does happen and to be honest for a few pounds or dollars per month, it is wise to get behind a reliable VPN.

Anonymity is also another reason to be using a VPN as when you are connecting to the internet via a via you can browse and download anything that you want without either your isp or government seeing what you are doing this really is vital if you do value your privacy. It is also a good move to use a VPN if you want to access websites that have been regionally blocked off such as the pirate bay or a whole number of services in areas like the Middle East.

All in all using a VPN is a wise move if you are online quite often and especially if you are moving around quite often. Not only will it allow you the comforts of back home without any geographical blocks, but it will also ensure that you can access the internet on public WIFI without hacking being a real worry. Using services like Google.com is annoying when abroad as it will default to where you are, and so if you are in Greece you will see the rather confusing Greek alphabet rather than English. Most major websites do this now to get as much worldwide user ship as possible but forgetting that one important thing, that people travel. It is all good and well for locals wanting to use an internet service but for those who are travelling well it really is more than annoying.

When you use a VPN of course this will no longer be an issue as if you connect to the internet via a UK VPN, services like Google will show as Google in the English language, and if you are one of those strange left of the pond people speaking the butchered Webster’s version of the English language, then simply connect via a USA VPN server.

If you want your language to follow you online then using a VPN is always a wise move. Like we said 1 in 6 internet users throughout the world are now using a VPN when online, making sure that they are secure (and familiar) everywhere.

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