1. Click on Apple Icon and select “System Preferences”

  2. Click on Network

  3. Click on + icon to create a new service

  1. Insert the following info:

  • From Interface drop down menu select “VPN”

  • From VPN Type drop down menu select IKEv2

  • Insert desired Service Name as VPN01 IKEv2

  • Click on Create

  1. Insert the following info:

  • Insert desired server address in Server Address box

    ( eg. Enter uk1.ikev2.vpn01.net )

  • Under Remote ID: finevpn.com

  • Leave Local ID: Empty

  • Check “Show VPN status on Menu bar.”

  • Click on “Authentication Settings.

  1. From Authentication Settings keep Username selected from drop down menu.

  • Username: yourname@vpn01.com

  • Password: yourpassword

  1. Click on Apply then click on VPN Status Icon from Menu bar

  2. Select “Show Time Connected”

  3. Click on Connect and VPN connection will establish in few seconds.

  4. VPN has been connected Successfully


NOT WORKING? See our troubleshooting help page.

NOTICE: Remember DO NOT DOWNLOAD TORRENTS when connected to any of our VPN servers except our Swedish server. Always remember to quit applications such as BitTorrent & UTorrent when connecting to our UK & US VPN servers. Failure to do so can result in temporary account suspension, always read our terms.