YES The time has come for us to start shipping hardware!
We have been supplying the world with VPN connections now for 7 years and as the technology has changed , just as many people want a TV set now behind a VPN as they do a laptop. Rather than spending hours playing around with installing a VPN or smart DNS on a Firestick or Roku to get foreign TV apps abroad, a VPN enabled router/repeater is the way.

If you have a VPN installed on a repeater that is in addition to you existing home WIFI router, this will mean that when you want all of the smart devices in your homes traffic to go via a local IP address, you use your existing router. If you want any of yoiur devices to go via say, a UK or US IP address, then you would simply connect to the WIFI running through your VPN repeater.

After testing many devices out there we have decided top champion and now sell the Totolink. This device is not much bigger than a cigarette box and will easily configure to talk to your router and to sit behind a VPN/IP address from elsewhere. Doing this is not just good for watching say BBC iPlayer on your TV set in Brisbane, but also for using KODI without your ISP knowing (and indeed for unblocking KODI addon blocks by them)

We are (for a limited time only) offering a 365 DAYS FREE UNLIMITED DATA UK/US/CA/EU VPN account with each router purchase, this alone would normally cost you £59.99/$99.99.

We are shipping this router for this same price of just £59.99, what you would be paying normally for just the VPN account alone. So click below and order (limited to just 100 units this month).