A VPN Is Used Primarily for What Purpose?

A VPN is used for a few reasons…

We are a VPN company and so we have a rough idea and can enlighten. If you want to access British & American Television applications in Dubai for example you can with a VPN (permissions permitting of course).

The main purpose for having a VPN primarily is to gain Internet security on your devices so that your data packets are not exposed to hackers. This may sound a little paranoid but hackers can even get to your data when you are sitting at home. Definitely if you are in a huge hotel you should use a VPN because anyone else sitting behind a wall could potentially sniff your data packets and get to your PayPal login for example.

Even sitting safe at home in your castle, someone could be parked outside sniffing packets randomly. If you access the internet via a VPN then this cannot happen.

If you live in the Middle East then you will of course need a VPN to access a large chunk of the  internet as most is blocked off. If you want to gamble, day date, even Tinder straight date then you will need a VPN (we hear so many filtering stories). Generally living in the middle east means that a VPN is a must for most people to access western services. Skype was a main reason for having a VPN as there is only 1 telecoms company in the UAE (Etisalat) and they frown upon migrant workers (allegedly) who use Skype for free instead a paying for phone-calls.

Many many reasons for using a VPN and if you do want to try out our for free https://privatrax.com/client/cart.php?a=add&pid=8