VPN usage has grown due to COVID, it is a factor that we cannot ignore. Many people now work from hoem and need to have a secure connection to the internet.

Over the last several years, some important trends related to the use of VPN have emerged among enterprise workers.

The first is that enterprise has used VPN technology to safely connect various facilities, including those located on different continents, into a secure Wide Area Network (WAN). This becomes an efficient way to have a direct connection between corporate locations, cost effectively through the public internet.

The second is the increase in remote workers using a VPN to access corporate resources, including enterprise data, and applications on the corporate server.

In both cases, by forming the connection via a business VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows the data to be transmitted securely through the public internet. This is because the data that is uploaded and downloaded through the VPN is sent through the encrypted tunnel, keeping it secure during transmittal. This point-to-point connection from the remote location or individual user provides a barrier to a denial of service attack (DDOS), which are all too common, and being reported with an alarming increase in frequency.

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