Unblock & Access Sky Go in EU (Post Brexit)

If you are a Brit still living in a European Union country such as Spain, Greece, France or Germany then you will find out that some things have changed. One Televisual change post Brexit is that Sky Go player will no longer work outside of the UK & Ireland.

There was a pub land lady in Wales a few years ago playing football in her bar playing football via a Greek satellite provider. She got into trouble with the law but actually eventually won her case in European courts, from that point the borders were opened on TV across EU states. Now that the UK is 100% non EU, this changes things.

If you want to access Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub or any other British TV streaming service in the EU or anywhere outside of the UK & Ireland, then you will need a VPN install on your device.

Our VPN costs £4.99 monthly via PayPal, it can be cancelled at any time and will allow you to unblock regionally restrictions and watch UK & USA TV apps anywhere in the world.

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When you have a VPN account you can install on as many devices as you wish and when you switch to UK VPN all content will run as though you are in the UK still, when in fact you can be anywhere in the world.

If you are using an iPad or an iPhone, then you will need to first switch off location services in your settings. This is easy to do an stops your GPS from showing the world where you are (and is worth switching off anyway to prevent snooping).

Once you have GPS switched off you will need to switch on the UK VPN and then if you have not already downloaded all of the UK TV apps that you wish to watch then switch your store location to UK and do so.

You will then be able to watch all UK TV anywhere!

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