Well the need for a VPN has not changed in the past few years. The big companies are still sucking your data out of your devices and this may trouble you (it is getting worse by the way).

You still cannot access BBC iPlayer outside of the UK without a VPN (something that many Brits living abroad miss). You cannot use many other services outside of their native countries without a VPN. If you want to use Disney+ or Netflix outside of their native country then you will have issues. There still is no plan for Netflix in China and so millions of people use a VPN to access Netflix this way.

A VPN is a very simple way to both unblock restrictions and also to secure your data. There is now a growing sentiment around the world with people that simply do not want to share their data with anyone else. There are browsers now specifically designed for this purpose. Search engines also that are geared to not track data like DuckDuckGo.

Our VPN is pretty cheap at just £4.99/$6.99 and has unlimited data so that you can connect for as long as you wish.

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This will allow you to access the VPN on all of your devices and 3x simultaneous and will give you internet security, anonymity and access to overseas apps anywhere.

If you click on a movie of MP3 download link via Google and the page goes blank it is most likely that your ISP is not letting you access this page. A VPN will almost always get past this block and allow you access, so give it a go!