UK Apps Unblocked in CY

There are approximately 3,500 British soldiers permanently stationed in the sovereign base areas on Cyprus. Add to this number the amount of wives (and husbands) of those serving and you have a large number.

The areas may be British soil, however your devices will not display a UK IP address. When you are displaying a CY IP address you will not be able to access many UK only applications and websites when in the territories.

If you wish to watch BBC iPlayer or the UK versions of Netflix or Disney+ in Cyprus, you will need a UK IP address. Our VPN service will allow you to switch your local IP address to that of one from the United Kingdom, so that all of your UK only applications will once again come to life. In addition to UK, at the flick of a switch you can also access US only apps on the island.

This technology installs on all devices and is easy to use. It will also install on most modern routers and so you can access UK apps on your smart TV set, perfect for watch UK TV.

Using a VPN is not only great for accessing apps from elsewhere, but it is great for security. Not only will a VPN keep watch you look at online a secret, but it will also keep you secure too. If you are on a public WIFI, using a VPN will make it impossible for anyone to sniff out your data packets and steal your data.

Privatrax is also one of the few VPN providers that allows unlimited data and so you can stream for as long as you like in HD.

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