BBC & ITV Apps Unblocked in Australia


Millions of Brits are down under, more so than in any other part of the world outside of the United Kingdom. One of the things that Brits abroad miss the most is the home comforts, and one of those is TV from back home.

BBC iPlayer is a service that is only usually available in the United Kingdom, and so if you are in Australia this app on your device will cease working.

The only way to get BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and all other UK TV applications working on your device again when in Australia is to have a VPN running. A large portion of Privatrax customers are down under and our VPN will allow you access to 95% of British, American, Canadian and European Television and Social Media apps when in Australia or in any other country.

Unlike most VPN providers, our service is uncapped and so you may connect and watch TV apps for as long as you wish without any limits being used up.

If you would like to unblock and access BBC iPlayer & ITV Hub along with all other British TV apps then you may use the coupon AUSSIE20 to get a year for just £39 instead of £49,

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A VPN is not just great for watching British & American TV when in Australia but it is also great for security and anonymity. When you are connected to the internet via a VPN you are secure from the threat of hackers, this is particularly something that can be troublesome on public WIFI networks. When you use a VPN you are also accessing the internet 100% anonymously, so that one no but you will see what you are looking and downloading online, perfect if you value your internet privacy.

So if you want to start watching Eastenders or Corrie when down under via the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Channel 4’s All4 or even stream live UK TV channels via TV Catchup, then you will be needing a UK VPN.

If you have any questions you can contact us at and remember all of our services come with a full 100% money back if not happy within the first 48 hours, and so no risk!