Post Brexit VPN


Now that the United Kingdom is once again a completely separate sovereign state, this will bring changes to just what is allowed. At present you can access UK TV apps anywhere in the EU without restrictions. Some years ago a Welsh woman got sued for showing English football via Greek satellite in her pub and this got turned over by the EU courts ruling that she was allowed to access all EU wide TV, this opened up the floodgates.

Due to Brexit this rule however will change and soon you will not be able to access UK TV apps elsewhere in Europe, unless you have a VPN.

This technology will allow you to access all blocked UK TV apps anywhere in Europe and in fact anywhere in the world. This is great for Brits living overseas and also going away on holiday, still wanting to access their services.

Privatrax is one of the few providers that will do this for you and at the click of a button too. A VPN will allow you to access not only British TV abroad but USA TV also and is very easy to set up.

When you have a VPN not only will you be able to access UK & USA TV and gaming services anywhere in the world, you will also be able to gain total internet freedom and security.

Our service works fine on all Windows, Macs, iOS, Android and smart router devices and will install very easily on each of these.

If you would like a free trial of the service then simply visit and this will run for 5 minute sessions for 2 days for you.