Using a VPN on a Macbook

If you have a Macbook it is fairly simple to install a VPN connection. We have an auto installer for all major platforms and you can also install manually as well if you wish. If you have a Macbook it takes only 30 seconds or so to install a VPN connection. Roughly 17% of our users are on Macbook and iMacs and this number seems to be rising. If you are a diehard Mac user and do not like the way a windows machine feels for you then so be it.

When you have a PRIVATRAX VPN connection running on your Macbook you will be able to gain internet security and anonymity as well. In 2019 it is vital to have a VPN and 1 in 6 now have one. Using the internet on public WIFI and even worryingly on your home WIFI is a security risk as hackers can potentially steal your data packets and find out your passwords. This is something that only the hyper paranoid were worried about a few years back but learning how to hack is a big thing now.

If someone can hack into your data packets they have access to your computer and your imagine can run wild with this.

If you are sitting in Starbucks with your Macbook then using a VPN  is a must. If you would like to check out our VPN for pretty much free for the first month, simply visit 000 and enter the coupon PENNY and pay only £0.01 for the first month. Our prices have dropped recently because we can now do so, a month is £4.99 and a year is £49.99




We offer a one size fits all VPN solution for you. All of our users get to access our UK, USA, Canadian and European servers wherever they are. Our service is of course unlimited in data caps, so you may watch HD content streamed from TV apps from overseas wherever you are. Many people use a VPN to access brutish TV apps such as BBC, ITV etc and this can be very handy. If you are in say Dubai and want to sit in your hotel room watching strictly come dancing on your Macbook via the Beeb without the usual ‘this service will not work here’ sign coming up, then a VPN is totally for you.

People have for years used a VPN to watch British and American TV apps and websites when abroad. Millions of people use this method in china as it is a great way to learn the English language by watching BBC from Britain and services such as NBC from America. There are over a million British expats living in Australia and they earn on average more than people back home do, so are quite happy to pay a few dollars per month to still access their apps from the motherland. In addition to Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Canada, Dubai and all of the other expat hotspots and the user ship of VPN’s or watching TV abroad is huge. IPTV has knocked these numbers a little but is more expensive and, well you have to be in the living room to be watching that.

If you need any assistance in installing our VPN service on your Macbook then please feel free to get in contact with us and we can be of assistance. L2tp is the preferred method, however we happily support PPTP and open VPN methods also. If you want the VPN also on your iPhone and iPad then this is pretty easy as we have a file that will help you auto install on these devices at the click of a button you may have the VPN installed on as many devices as you wish and have 3x running simultaneously.