Watch UK TV Apps when outside of the UK


It is possible to watch UK TV apps when outside of the UK if you have a VPN. If you try to access BBC iPlayer or any of the other UK TV apps and websites when outside of the UK, you will find that this does not work and so you will need to trick the technology preventing you.

When you access the internet via a VPN connection you do so by switching your IP address to that of one from the United Kingdom, so that you appear to be in say England when in fact you could be as far away as Australia. This technology has been used heavily by British expats living abroad for many years now and easily allows you to access all of the UK and US TV apps that would otherwise be blocked when you are abroad.

This is popular as it allows the unblocking of all TV apps and on all platforms, so that you have plenty of choice. It is also only a few pounds or dollars per month and is far cheaper than paying out sometimes nearly $100 per month for watching UK TV abroad via an expensive satellite dish alternative. TV shows such as Eastenders, TOWIE and Coronation Street are watched dally by millions of people around the world via BBC & ITV apps unblocked by a UK VPN account on smart devices.


British, American and Canadian TV networks will all unblock with the VPN from PRIVATRAX, as it has multiple country servers in each location. You can install on all smart phones, tablets, laptops and smart routers, so that all TV will unblock on all devices.


People now use VPN connections not just for watching TV shows abroad. When you have a VPN installed on your device, you will be able to enjoy both a secure and anonymous online experience. When you use a VPN, this sends all of your internet traffic via an encrypted VPN server, so that it is impossible for hackers on the same public WIFI network as you to hack into your data packets. It also means that anything that you look at or download from the internet will be strictly your eyes only, perfect for those who like their privacy.

1 in 6 people now use a VPN when online which is a huge figure and has meant that the VPN market has opened right up now with companies such as Nord VPN now advertising on Television. Most VPN companies will advertise that you can pay as little as £2.99 per month for a VPN, however this price is only if you are wiling to fork out for 3 years paid upfront, something that most people are not willing to do.

PRIVATRAX is a straight £4.99 per month and £49.99 annually. If you add the coupon MATESRATES you even get another 15% off of this, making it one of the cheaper solutions out there. This will cover you for anonymity, security and the unblocking of Television and Social Media apps abroad also.