Why Privatrax?


The name Privatrax came about when the founder was living in the Middle East about a decade ago. A large number of foreign expats living in the Middle East Gulf states use a VPN on a daily basis. This usage is for the usual reasons of security and regional circumvention, but also for internet freedom. Many sites and services are blocked off in Middle Eastern countries due to local conservative laws and regulations, and using a VPN get around this easily.

Many Brits living in Dubai use a VPN for watching British TV services on their devices, rather than having to watching the limited British content on OSN. The biggest reason for use though is Internet freedom. Being able to access all social media and VOIP applications (especially Skype), as well as certain news and media websites that are blocked off in the region. This is of course an area of the world where Harry Potter was initially banned for promoting ‘Witch-Craft’.

Our founder came up with the business model as he needed a VPN solution and at the time and the choice was limited and rather expensive too. The idea was simple, Priva for private and Trax for hiding your tracks whilst online.

Why Trax and not Tracks?
The founder is a lover of classic Chicago House music and the flagship record label for this scene was of course Trax Records. Trax brought out many of the first big house music releases in the mid 1980’s as well as the first ever Acid House record “AcidTrax”. This is the reason why and x was chosen as a hat tip to the label.

Several years after supplying online Virtual Private Network solutions, Privatrax is now providing super-secure solid state UK based hosting. If you require hosting for your website or e-mail, then we can be of assistance. We even give a 10% discount to all existing VPN customers when they want our domain name and hosting services (just ask and we shall provide you with a promo code).